Comfort in Church vs. Comfort in the Gospel

For the past 20 years, Churches have been attempting the transition from “Conservative” to “Contemporary”. Now, depending on your background, these words will connate different meanings. However, the root of the issue is creating an atmosphere that is engaging to the types of people each individual church is trying to attract. But this change is not isolated to simply the last 20 years. The Church has always needed to shift, even if ever so slightly, based on the culture of their day. But here is the crux of the issue: Are we shifting, or standing firm on tradition because it is the best way to minister the gospel, or is it because we are looking to make people comfortable inside the four walls of our church?

It is seldom that I hear a solid spiritual argument for resisting or incorporating change in the looks and functions of a church service. Now obviously, there are some good reasons for either decision. However, we must check our motives. Church is not to be our refuge from the world and its worries, Christ is. Church was never meant to be the place where I have “MY” pew, the music “I” enjoy, or the coffee “I” like. Church is the place where believers, who are united in Christ, fellowship with one another. We hear Biblical teaching of conviction, and worship the Lord with not only our words but also in purity with our whole hearts, regardless of style. We were never supposed to be comfortable in Church; we were made to be comforted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we seek comfort from within those four walls we are no different than the unbeliever who seeks comfort through his, or her, own devices.

Believer, don’t be distracted by the material comfort of your church. Let us remember that no matter our background, or denomination, our comfort can only be found in the completed work of Christ on the cross. Seek His face and you will be comforted.

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