8 Ways That You Can End Abortion

Many Christians identify as “pro-life”. And this is a good thing, since the Bible says that God is the author of life and sovereign over all things. However, when it comes to practical habits, many Christians are unsure how they can be involved in this important cultural fight. Here is a list of eight ways that I have found to be helpful.

  1. Repent. Pray and sing the Psalms. Pay attention to the number of times the weak and vulnerable are mentioned. For example, Psalm 94 asks, “Who will stand for me against the evildoers? Who will take his stand against them?”
  1. Learn where your nearest abortion facility is, make plans to go there, pray there, weep there, bring your friends, your church, your guitar, your keyboard, your drum set, to sing songs of praise which will defeat the enemy. Be a co-belligerent instead of a doctrinal purist.
  1. If the clinic is too far away, the serious pro-lifer only has two options 1) You must either move to that city (or another city) where babies are murdered and begin a pro-life ministry and/or partner with pro-life ministries that are already there or 2) You must support—from a distance—Christ-centered sidewalk counselors who are ON SITE at the abortion mills. Sidewalk counseling, when done in a Christ-honoring way, has a huge impact in this movement. Far more clinics have closed down in America because of faithful sidewalk counseling than by any other means. Sidewalk counselors see women who know no Christians, have no contacts, and are largely unaware of pro-life Christian pregnancy centers. This is where sidewalk counseling fills the need.
  1. Seek accountability from your elders and Pastors, but do not necessarily wait for them to join you. It is very rare for Pastors to speak on this issue. Encourage them to do so, but don’t become discouraged if they don’t. Start humbly. Tomorrow, if 1% of the Christian church (evangelical and Catholic alike)showed up in front of abortion mills, the effect would be catastrophic for the abortion providers. Do the math and ask God to do it in your community. Be an example to your church leaders by standing for the preborn. The preborn are a mission field right here in America. Who else needs to the gospel more than one who plans on murdering their own child?
  1. Live a life of purity and holiness by the grace of God. Hash tagging away about Planned Parenthood while nursing along a porn habit is not good. Christian men, kill the porn. Kill the deception. Be men. Take risks. Learn to be afraid, but to continue in obedience anyway. Spend your Saturdays in front of abortion mills instead of the teevee or google. If we were rescued, saved by grace, and hell-bound before Jesus rescued us, doesn’t it follow that we would be in the business of rescuing the preborn from death? We are called to liberty, but liberty is meant to rescue and evangelize not fulfill our own desires (Gal. 5:12-13).
  2. Do a Bible study on social justice, the weak and the lowly. The Bible is full of commands to do justice. The liberals have stolen this idea of social justice and translate it into promoting government programs. However, social justice begins in the womb. We should begin there. Racial reconciliation begins in the womb. Learn the history of Planned Parenthood and realize the legacy is racism, pure and simple.
  1. Study the history of the Civil Rights movement in the United States. Study the freedom riders, the sit-ins, and the protests. Study how the leaders of these movements were willing to get arrested, beaten and killed. Ask God to give you a spirit of fearlessness and humility.
  1. Research and vote accordingly. Start locally. Do you have a state rep or senator that has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood? Expose them. But be realistic. The politicians (at least the ones we have at present) are not going to end abortion. The people, led by Christians, will lead the politicians to end it. Because we currently have an oligarchy, where unelected judges overturn the will of the people, the most effective approach is do work on the ground, on site. Active pro-lifers in our cities and towns do more to affect long term change than merely voting and then watching our votes get overturned by unelected oligarchs.

These are my 8. What are yours?

Scott Mahurin is the founder of Florida Preborn Rescue, which is a ministry dedicated to sidewalk counseling at local abortion clinics. Scott has a degree in Philosophy from the University Idaho, and was formerly a teacher at The Paideia School of Tampa Bay. Since 2012, Florida Preborn Rescue has offered help and hope to more than 700 women in crisis pregnancies, on-site at local abortion clinics.

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